Cake Smash - Second Glance Photography

Only £75

What our customers have said

"Fabulous time had by all and some cracking photos"

"Great time , great value and  much better customer service than Venture, Thanks Tim"

Cake Smash Photos

We can think of nothing more fun that a cake smash to celebrate a toddlers birthday, or any other day of the year to be honest.

For those who are new to the concept of a Cake Smash, your one year old gets to smash up a cake, make a mess, have a great time and create some fabulous memories at the same time.

We provide a clean safe environment for your toddler to really enjoy their celebration cake in a way that would not usually be possible. 

What happens at A Cake Smash shoot and how long does it last.?

To be honest, once the cake is out and your child realises that  the cake is really theirs to do with as they please, the shoot doesn't last much longer than 20 minutes.  Before the cake comes out we will take some "pre messy" shots for you, so you should allow about 15 minutes or so for your child to get used to the environment, about  45 minutes just for the photos and of course time to get cleaned up afterwards!

Only £75 for a photo shoot of approximately 90 minutes

Are we restricted to one child in a photo shoot?

No - if you have twins then of course we'd be very happy to have both of them at the same time.

If you want to bring along a friend then we charge only an extra £25, but only up to a maximum of 2 toddlers in any one shoot.

When will the shoot take place?

We recommend late morning or early afternoon. When your toddler is hungry and wide awake is good but remember that they are likely to ingest a lot of sugar in a short period of time, so you need to think about settling them down in the evening if you leave it late in the afternoon.

What do you need to bring with you?

On the day, we ask that you bring along;

The Cake
Any toys you might like as props
Clothes for the photo shoot
Clothes for after the photo shoot!!!!
We can provide a bathroom for afterwards, so you will need a towel and shampoo
Baby wipes for use immediately after the shoot

We will provide the photos and a safe environment here in Milton Keynes

We will also provide you with an A4 sized framed print to keep.

Are there any conditions?

Yes, as always there are some simple ones.
You are responsible for the safety of your child(ren) at all times.
Your toddler MUST be able to sit up independently.
Your toddler must be no older than 18 months - sorry but we find that over this age the cake tends to start flying around the room a bit more than we'd like.
You are responsible for any allergic reactions caused by the cake ingredients, which is why we ask you to supply.
If you choose to use our bathing facilities you are responsible for the safety of your child(ren) whilst in the bath.

You agree to a model release clause to allow us to use images taken in the shoot for promotional purposes. your child(ren) will not be identified other by their first name. 

You will receive a secure gallery on this website where you can view and share your photos with family and friends. ALL photos are copyright free.

Finally we ask that you share in the moment and have as much fun as your toddler. Your input can make all the difference. 

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